British Are Coming Thrill, Rock…Again

Saturday night, The British Are Coming played yet another phenomenal show at the Mansion Hotel in Dallas. The group set the room ablaze right out of the gate with blistering renditions of the Kinks’ “You Really Got me” and the Zombies’ classic “She’s Not There.” Following in hot pursuit were tunes by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who, The Animals, The Clash, The Yardbirds, Elvis Costello, and other favourites. Fronted by cocksure lead vocalist and guitarist Prince Philip, and backed by the driving rhythm section of James (bass) and Frinky (drums) the group plowed through the British rock catalouge with admirable aplomb. The special sauce is added by the towering Sir Richard, who bounces about the stage from keyboards to organ to harmonica and then to the bar for refreshment. The group is known for their unique takes on the British rock classics and for their onstage humour. Any proclamation that there is a more original tribute act working today is simply without merit. Long live the British Are Coming…bloody hell indeed!


  1. Hi, Guys. I broadcast a radio show called Notes From The Underground on KNON radio, Dallas’s only community station. My show features only 60’s rock. I wonder if you might consider doing a benefit show for the station, and my program in particular. We are a. 501(c)3 entity, so your performance would be tax-deductible. We have no set date yet, so it might be far enough into the future for you to squeeze us in. I’ve heard a lot about you, being in the biz, and now I hear you’re doing something for my granddaughter’s high school Booker T Washington. Please let me know what you think.

    Gene Soslow

  2. You guys are my favorites!!!!


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